Enhanced Wholeness and Healing

I was introduced to energy work and healing a little at a time through different people that came into my life.  I know that was their purpose, to help set me on this path.  With the knowledge and knowing they gave me, I wanted to know more.  It has been something that I can’t get enough of and I realized that I had found my passion.

I have always loved helping people and others have always come to me for advice and help.  Through my Heavenly Father’s help I knew this work was something that I NEEDED  and WANTED to do!  I love people and want to help others heal and become the best person that they can be!


I attended this healing session with an open heart.  Tonyia, not knowing me, was spot on. Tonyia was right on with my blockages, she listened to me and I could tell/feel the answers come to her. Though the affirmations/declarations were pre-printed in a book she followed, I would SWEAR they were tailored specifically to me and my needs. They couldn’t have been more perfect if I had created them myself. I entered at a vibration of 840 (though I felt much lower) and ended at a vibration of 4400! and felt it!! The shifting was amazing. Tonyia was very compassionate, a great listener, I felt not only did she follow the “format” she also followed her heart which is a sign of a true healer. Awesome job, incredible experience.

~Lorie N.


Thank you for doing an energy clearing session with me! It was so amazing, and I felt so much lighter after we cleared many generations.  You are very talented, and I appreciated everything you did for me.  Your energy felt really wonderful and calming to me, and after having a rough day, it was nice to have a session with you! I totally recommend you to everyone who needs to work on emotional issues.  I know you are a force for good in the world!

~Leesa M.