Beautiful Healing With Katie
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I remember feeling so helpless, not finding any answers to the health problems I was experiencing. I had headaches every day, I was overwhelmed with motherhood, I was desperate for help, but couldn’t find it! I tried exercising, eating right, and everything else anybody told me would help including multiple expensive medical tests. No answers came. Doctors just wanted to put me in a “you must be depressed group”, give me some pills to help and move me along. Deep down, I knew that wasn’t the answer for me. God wanted a more natural road for me and my family. I was introduced to energy work through The Emotion Code and with just that my life started to change and my headaches started to ease up. But, I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet, I just thought I had.

In 2015, my son who was expected to join our family any day, instead was born straight into heaven. My world shattered. The purpose I felt as a mother and woman rocked. I spiraled into a very dark place and became depressed, someone who I never thought I would be. I had anxiety every single day about what was going to happen to the rest of my children, to me or to my husband. I was struggling with grief, yet I had to continue on to help my other sweet children to see the light that is around us, even though I wasn’t feeling any light within me. I struggled every day to get a grip on my emotions, most of the time being unsuccessful. I put on a good show for those around me, everyone thinking I was strong and doing great. Deep down I was not strong. I couldn’t get back the person I was before and longed to be again.

Once again, I was offered traditional medicine to numb my emotions, to numb my pain and to let myself take a break from the insane ups and downs I was feeling.   I knew this wasn’t the way God wanted me to heal. It wasn’t right for me, my body or my situation. I was introduced to The Transformation Code and along with other natural solutions, I had my answers!   I began my healing journey full of hope for a brighter future with less anxiety.

Hard moments in life never go away, but now I have the right tools to help me navigate this life with abundance and inspiration. I know I don’t have to live in a place of darkness and yearning. I can find joy in my journey and embrace this messy life God has given me to live. Using energy work has given me my life back. It has helped me be able to use hope, faith and light to keep me going in this crazy rollercoaster called life and embrace each up and down knowing I have the tools to support my emotional, physical and mental health. Because of the blessing, the knowledge and the amazing benefits I have seen, I cannot help but want to share with you what I have been given. To help you along the path that I was lead down. To help you find your power, your light and your health. To live a life full of inspiration, connection to yourself, your family and your highest good!



Katie has been a huge help using the energy work for my children. We’ve tried the regular counseling method (which is great if that’s what you need) but this has been an amazing help for our quality of life. If you’ve been looking for something to be able to heal your emotions without all the chatter from a counseling office this is it! I’ve seen a big difference in one of my children who has tendencies toward anger and sadness. The change was almost instantly with the first session and has gotten better with each session in the weeks to follow. — Heidi E.


Katie began doing energy work on me and I started to see and feel a lightness that I felt would be lost from the real me, forever. Each wall, trapped emotion, and energy block removed from my struggling body gave me hope that I could one day feel like ME again! My physical symptoms were rooted in my limiting beliefs about myself, my life and my deeply buried emotions. I had never put together that the emotions I had buried so deeply from losing my brother to suicide at age 17 had such a profound effect on me even now, 17 years later! The layers of emotions and the beliefs that my own subconscious mind had created were stopping me from fully living my life and from fully becoming the wife, mother and woman that God designed me to be. I am eternally grateful for God putting Katie, and her energy work in my life the way He did! Her patience, understanding, and caring nature make her the perfect person to empathize with and help you through the hardest of emotions. I truly feel that because of energy work and Katie’s ability to remove those blocks and emotions that were holding me back that I am back to being ME! — Michele C.


Thank you for everything you have done for me!! Your ability to release emotions is amazing!! I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me, especially through a pretty rough patch. You are that light, and you have a gift for releasing emotions. I was suffering awhile back. Couldn’t get my emotions under control, felt lost, felt like giving up, I was angry for no reason, and would burst into tears at the slightest thing. I was miserable!!! MISERABLE! I contacted you to see if you could help me, your answer was, of course! I’ll get right on that!! Since the 3 or 4 sessions, I can honestly say that I am happy. I am proud of myself. I’ve set boundaries, I look for positives in my life, I don’t dwell on the negative (as much). Thank you from the bottom of my heart Katie. The work you do is a gift. Truly, a gift. I appreciate the non-judgemental attitude you have. Thank you for changing my way of thinking. — Myrna R.