Clarity Energy Work

I strongly believe that the Lord created our amazing bodies, and that they can heal themselves with the right tools. I know that energy work and particularly the Transformation Code is a wonderful tool.  I have had some pretty amazing and spiritual experiences with this.

I was raised by a single mother who, I think, did a pretty good job. I had a rough childhood due to an abusive father who caused me to feel like I was constantly carrying around a load of emotional garbage that weighed on me.  I tucked it away because I was busy with life, raising children, and being a wife and mother. But it had a way of sneaking out at the most inconvenient times.  So I finally decided to see a therapist. For me, it was not a good experience and I never went back.  After much prayer and fasting I was led to Janette.  After my first session with her I felt so much lighter and happier, I didn’t feel like I was carrying around this garbage anymore. I knew this was what I had been looking for and what I needed to learn to help others.

I am a mother to six children, biological and adopted. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 22 years and we are also foster parents. Because of my experiences, I love working with children and families who have been blessed by adoption; teenagers who are experiencing the challenges of growing up; and with women who just need more support with the everyday challenges we face.  I feel that if we can just change our way of seeing life, especially when we are young, our outlook will be much brighter. I love seeing how energy work blesses the lives of everyone.

My hobbies include organic gardening, working with wood, and using essential oils, including making all-natural facial and body products with them. I love to sew. I love to express myself through dance. I love being a mother. I love to let my light shine and I can now. But most of all, I love life and seeing where it takes us. For the Lord truly blesses us and when we can see His hand in our lives, it changes us.


  • I woke up naturally this morning at a early hour–even though I hadn’t gotten my “normal” amount of sleep, my body was awake and alert. The first thing I noticed is that I felt cleansed and at peace. As I was lying in bed, awake, I allowed thoughts to come, listening for whatever my body had to tell me.I had a couple of realizations of influences or energies in my life that I had not acknowledged before, and I had the power to see them clearly and how they were influencing me…and that they no longer needed to influence me. I no longer felt bound or pressured by those influences. They no longer had power over me. As I began my day’s work on my computer, I noticed greater clarity and discernment in my thoughts like I have not felt before. The overarching sentiment is clarity. The only other time I have felt similar is when I received acupuncture about five years ago….which, now that I think about it, makes sense because acupuncture also works with the energy in the body. Wow—THAT is remarkable. I remember my acupuncturist being surprised at how quickly my body responded to acupuncture, but it feels like you struck a different, even deeper and more meaningful spiritual chord than acupuncture. It “cleaned me out” more. Probably because you were working directly with the painful, sludgy, emotional areas yesterday. But the feeling of energy work or having my “energy system” worked on is the same. Wow. I never expected that connection, but of course it makes sense. There is no denying you made a difference in me yesterday. I never want this feeling to go away! I want this clarity to stay!
  • It has been a few weeks since I meet with you, but I can honestly say : “That the time we spend together in the Session has made everything so much better for me and those around me. I don’t think you realize the inner struggles when i first came in that day, but by the end of the session you helped me with everything i needed.  I love the love, the patience, the focus, and the safety when i’m in there. The sessions have helped me by seeing things in a different way. the sessions not only help with the psychological part of things, but also with the Spiritual  and even with your physical side. Thanks again for taking the time to see me and for making me a better person. I feel like i can be myself again. I look forward to another session. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.