Owner, Creator of the Transformation Code, Transformation Practitioner/Transformational Coach, Trainer

I am passionate about helping people transform and become their best selves!  Whether it’s helping them live their purpose and create a satisfying and fulfilling career through learning the Transformation Code and becoming a Certified Transformation Practitioner/Transformational Coach. Through an energy session that effectively gets to the root of what is blocking them from moving forward and is creating chaos in their life. Or through my powerful eight-week Transformational Coaching Program that peels away the layers that are in the way of my client’s success, happiness and wholeness, I thrive on empowering others to shift and change their lives!

Many people ask me how I got started on this journey. Well, after struggling with depression for 22 years and and trying many different things, I finally found the healing I was looking for through energy work. If you would have told me then, that six years later I would be where I am today, I would have told you that you were crazy! However, the Lord works in mysterious ways and I feel VERY blessed!

If you are ready to create transformation in your own life then go to www.transformationenergywork and book an appointment with me today. If you are interested in helping others transform then click on the “Become a Practitioner” button on the home page to learn more or text me at 801-628-4880.


“I was introduced to energy work and Janette by fate. Energy work was not something I had ever heard of, nor is it something I feel I would have sought out on my own. But because of being led to Janette, my life is forever changed and I’m so grateful for her in my life ”

~Lindsay S.

“Thank you Janette for giving me a fresh perspective on my life. For helping me realize who I am and how to live my truth. For teaching me the truth about who God is and who he isn’t and how He works in my life. Above all, thank you for listening – to the Spirit and to my troubled heart.”

~Heather G.

“Janette’s coaching program helped me so much. Her knowledge and compassion have taught me truths I’ve always felt, but never knew how to use to empower myself. I’ve been to counseling since I was young that helped my mind, but Janette’s practice has helped and inspired my soul and spirit. I still see her once a month to keep learning. ”

~Sarah B.

I am so grateful I found Janette. She is a gifted healer and teacher and so nonjudgmental. Janette has helped me get rid of false beliefs that were holding me back, and to see that my perceptions were just that , mine not necessarily truth. She has given me the tools I need to be and a stronger and more loving presence for my family.”

~Colette L.