Transformational Healing and Awareness

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Cindy Montano is a Certified Transformation Code Practitioner and Coach. One of Cindy’s many gifts is to bring her light heart and support to people experiencing life challenging issues.


Before experiencing The Transformation Code, Cindy was challenged with addiction and severe depression. She filled the nagging emptiness of her life with trying to please others and find her worth and value through their validation. She was excellent at people pleasing! As a result of The Transformation Code coaching and energy healing she has been able to create a deeper connection with herself which in turn she has created an extraordinary relationship with both her boys and her husband. She loves supporting people through life’s challenges.


Cindy has inspired and supported many individuals in their relationships which has allowed them to experience a greater connection with themselves and the people they love.


Imagine going through life and chaining yourself to the things that happen to you. From that point on you make decisions that limit you and you can’t let go of them no matter how hard you try. This was me but I didn’t even consciously know all the crap I was holding on to.

I was so used to my own “stuff” that I didn’t know any different. For example, I didn’t know that in order to love someone else, that I first have to love myself. Seems simple enough, right? How about the issue of figuring out how to go about truly loving myself so that I could finally move forward with my life? That’s where Cindy came in.

I literally feel like SO many chains were broken as she walked with me through this process. She makes you feel so at ease, and because of this it’s far easier to be honest with her than not. I had so many blissful “aha” moments, goose bump surreal moments, and of course parts that were very difficult. Unpacking baggage and letting it go can be hard, however, doing it alone would have been nearly impossible.

I cannot believe the accomplishments of the past 7 weeks (I have 1 week left!). I was at my absolute bottom and I have grown into a completely different person because of this work. I plan on keeping in check with this type of healing. I’m all about efficiency/effectiveness and this just works.