Inner Light and Energy Work
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Angie Inman is an Energy practitioner, a loyal friend, a wife and mother.
Before she found energy work she was lost and just going through the motions of life. She was in a dark, disconnected and lonely place, though surrounded by the people she loved. Now she is passionate about life and has a positive approach. She thrives on helping others, be and feel the best they can.
She is certified in the Transformation Code, and uses that as her main practice. While also incorporating Wings energy therapy and The Emotion Code.
She has helped people find themselves, sort their emotions and get out of that funk that we all get in, from time to time. She also has a special connection with animals and loves helping them with their emotional needs as well.
If you are feeling overwhelmed or like you are just floating through life, going through the motions and just waiting for the next stage life to happen TO you, then I encourage you to contact her for a session or a chakra balance, so that you can experience what energy work can do for you. Don’t let life happen TO you, play an active role in your own life, take control and LIVE!